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RST Technical Aramid Textile Motorcycle Jeans Dark Wash Blue

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RST Aramid jeans are made for riding and styled to look like normal jeans. Inside you’ve got woven Aramid fibres across the knees and seat. Aramid is the same material used in bullet proof vests and has an incredible high abrasion and cut resistance, whilst remaining supple and soft. It’s perfect for use in this type of riding jean. Alongside the Aramid we fit, as standard, Contour Plus CE knee armour in an adjustable pocket to get the armour in the correct place, whatever your leg shape. You will also find removable pockets allowing the Aramid jeans to be further upgraded with optional Contour Plus CE hip armour.


  • 12oz Cotton / Elastane Denim
  • Stretch Crotch Area
  • Aramid Lining
  • Mesh Lining


  • RST Contour Plus CE Knees
  • Pocket For Optional RST Contour Plus CE Hip Protectors
  • Stretch Denim For Comfort
  • Stretch Crotch Area For Extra Manoeuvrability When Riding
  • Adjustable Height CE Knee Protector Pockets
  • Outer Pockets

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