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RST Motorcycle Boots

RST Motorcycle Boots

RST's motorcycle boots are extreamly popular with riders new and old - particularly motorbike boots like the Tractech Evo and the Stunt boots. RST have built a good reputation for the quality and good price of their boots.

Considering the incredible amount of satisfied customers RST has had with their infamous RST Tractech Evo boots, they have decided to make another 2 similar models into the range both above and below the price point to offer a better range and more value for money. 

The newest top of the range sports boot - the CPX-C Boots - now come in just above the Tractech Evo's and an awful lot of effort went into the production of these, delaying the release date by 6 months to make sure they were perfected.

The second of the two great additions to the range is the R16 boot which come in below the tractech evo boots, slightly less specification but still the affrdability of these boots is incredible. RST never cease to amaze people. 

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